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Its very easy when designing something to over do and add unnecessary accessories or design "flares" to the piece of work. This month Simplex is intended to be the opposite. We wanted to create a design that gives your content more room to make itself known and at the same time to keep the site looking nice and clean. Again this month we bring you a design powered by CSS3 and PIE to provide a modern and fast loading website In addition to nice clean design we introduce several new additions to the Vertex Framework. The Drop Down Panel feature (formally known as S5 Ultimate Drop Down) will now be available in every template running Vertex hence forth. We also are happy to release the NEW Vertex admin GUI, which we designed to allow for easier administration of each design. Check out the screenshots below to see more details about this!
Feb 19
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Wordpress 3.5
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Chrome, Firefox 4, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari 5
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JS files, CSS files, HTML files, PHP files
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