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Tips for Buyers!

How to choose an author

Every buyer should be confident in the author he is buying a work from. Buyers can see authors' ratings and their activity, as well as sort them and find that person they are confident in.

Dear buyers please pay attention to authors' activity at our Zizaza Marketplace. There are several methods to find out the qualification of an author.

Please read about ranking in the following sections:

Please note that, any author should make sure that he submitted the item in compliance with our terms. We decided to introduce appraisal system which encourages our authors to improve their works and check it twice before submitting, so you will also find that Zizaza is a good place to find professionals and buy their high quality works. This will exclude situations of some misunderstanding between sellers and buyers.

Author qualification and work validation.

All the items for sale on Zizaza Store are reviewed to ensure they are in good quality and working order by our support staff and managers. For more information visit our "Estimation of Cost" section, that will give a clear vision which criteria influence the cost of an item.

Another way to see the author and find out more about his works and his personality is to visit his profile and portfolio page, where they fill information about themselves:

  • Resume
  • Skills
  • Contacts
  • Used devices
  • Etc.

If a buyer would like to find out any information about an uploaded work, he is always able to do that. When choosing a work, you will find there several tabs with all the information needed. Its description, features, files included, etc. Read this information carefully before purchasing.

Bonuses for buyers

Zizaza Team worked hard and developed a unique bonus system in addition to all benefits in money making, not only for our authors but buyers. Find out more about BN (Bonus System).

Affiliate program is one more way to earn some money without any troubles and hard work. Find out more in our section Affiliate programs. We have already mentioned above about our award and ranking system which also works with our buyers. All our buyer can also get an award, or get stars for certain actions. Read more in our section Awards & Ranking.

Find cheap icons!

Zizaza is happy to represent our unique chance to format icon pack by yourself, you can choose what to buy: needed sizes, formats, icon sets etc. This way of package formation saves your money and time. Pay just for what you need and do not collect those trash and useless sets inherited with only single needed icon! There are three main icon packages on Zizaza Marketplace:

  • Icon Pack
  • Customized icon pack
  • Icon set

Daily sale and premium offers

We always have some special offers, discounts and daily sales. Some of them are initiated by our authors and they consciously give their works to our free content library. Our free library is accessible only for premium subscribers and our premium buyers have a perfect chance to find some masterpieces absolutely free for download, pay attention to the items marked with "premium only" label, that means it is available for you only, as a premium subscriber. Sign in and trace our sales and discounts, save your money and time!


A soon as a buyer purchases something on our Zizaza Marketplace he has a constant access to any purchased item at his profile in the section "Downloads". So in case it was lost on your desktop or your personal device you can easily restore all previously bought items with only few clicks.


Zizaza team developed special deposit system for our clients. The purchase process becomes even simpler, just put a deposit into your account and buy items without any problems faster and easier. All our buyers have their accounts accessible in their profiles and all the information about purchases, deposit information is open to you and accessible anytime you would need it.

If you still have any questions we are always ready to help you. Please find the answers in our FAQ and Help Information Sections or initiate a ticket to our Support Center.