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How to start earning money

Zizaza Marketplace authors make between 50% and 70%, even 85% (limted offer) on every item sold.
New authors begin at the 50% level and as sales volume adds up, so does the commission percentage. That means the more you sell, the more you earn!

Becoming an author is as easy as can be.
Just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to making passive income by selling stock items!

  1. Join to Zizaza Marketplace

  2. Read the Lets get started help information

  3. Read the Paymetns rate for authors

  4. Upload your design and assign any price you are ready to sell for and discount you are ready to give.

Being an author you have several ways to increase your profit:

Bonus system
Awards & Ranking system
Affiliate programs

Your profile also performs the function of promotional tool.We recommend you to pay attention to the information required in your profile. Fill in the fields correctly and provide as much details as possible, the following blocks are very useful for buyers also, and it may become a valuable criteria for them:


More over this information will help us to give the higher ranking to your works. Authors profile is your pin board and it is visible to your friends. If an authors wants to share his works there is no more need to give variable links to different sites or images somewhere on the Internet, but give the only one link to his profile.

If you still have any questions we are always ready to help you. Please find the answers in our FAQ and Help Information Sectionsor initiate a ticket to our Support Center.