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We are happy to welcome you at Zizaza Marketplace. You have chosen the right place, as at Zizaza you can buy or sell all sorts of digital products, ranging from website templates, to tutorials, to royalty free stock graphics. Zizaza is not only kind of a web store, but a bustling community of web designers and developers.

Zizaza's Stores

We represent you several marketplaces, which are a set of interconnected sections that allow anyone to find a target item easily. This means the focus on each section is slightly different, but all housed within a familiar, intuitive interface and accessible with your account.

  • Icon Store - Adobe Photoshop Files, Vector Graphics, Icon Sets, Customized Icon Packs.
  • Web Store - Site templates and themes to skin popular CMS products like WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla, as well as Flash
  • Graphic Store - Everything for the designers, thousands of graphics, vectors, printing templates, logos, 3d fonts, textures, etc.

Items are priced on the complexity, quality and use of the file.

Buying Items on Zizaza

Zizaza has friendly and intuitive interface which allows you to find the exact item you are looking for. We created filters that may help you to customize your search.

There are lots of ways to find the items you want:

  • Keyword Search – there is the search field on the top of any pageavailable.
  • Categories - extensive category list contains the following sections
  • New sites/icons - check out recently added items.
  • Most popular - the top collection of our weekly summary of the most popular items.
  • Last viewed - browse you personal last searches.
  • Random Collections - our user-compiled item collections on a variety of themes.
  • Authorized items - search for items added by a specific author.
  • Color theme filter - browse the items sorted by colors.
  • Price range filter - fetch the items in expected pricing range of yours.

When you already found the needed item you can buy an item immediately via Visa/MasterCard or use prepaid deposits.

There is also one more way you can buy an item. This is our unique scheme, which makes us different from any other similar service. Find out more about BN (Bonus System).

For More information contact our Support Center.

Selling Items on Zizaza

Anyone is eligible to sell their work through the Zizaza Marketplaces. If you are interested in selling items at one of Zizaza's stores read our Membership Terms and Conditions for Sellers carefully. Our staff and site managers review all the items that are submitted to ensure we have a high standard of quality before placing an item at any Zizaza's Stores.

Any author should make sure that he submitted the item in compliance with our terms. We decided to introduce appraisal system which encourages our authors to improve their works and check it twice before submitting, so you will also find that Zizaza is a good place to find help for using or modifying items. This will exclude situations of some misunderstanding between sellers and buyers

Zizaza Team worked hard and developed a unique bonus system in addition to all benefits in money making, specially for our authors and sellers Find out more about BN (Bonus System).

For more information contact our Support Center or find the answers at our FAQ section.

Help Information

For all new comers, as well as anyZizaza's user we created sections with useful information, tips and manuals created by our team in order to give a clear vision of who we are and what we have. In regard to our users we are trying to specify all the details and represent our pure system for both sides (authors and buyers). Our knowledgebase is subdivided into several thematic sections, so finding the needed information won't make any trouble for you.

Dear users, pleasesearch the Help Information sections for the answer to your question prior to submitting a ticket to our support team.

Help Information Sections:

Our Teamworks on providing as much information, as possible, so all ourusers are welcome to read them or use our interactive support services such as forum and live support.

Support Center

Our Customer Support agents work 24/7.

You canfind the answers in the FAQ section, as well as contacting our Support Center online or via email [email protected].

Please search the Knowledgebase for the answer to your question prior to submitting a ticket.