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Are there any useful tips to help authors earn more money?

Yes! Please find the information in our Help Information section - Money making (Tips for Authors)

What are the rates for authors?

The information about the rates and it dependence located in the section Payment Rates

If I'm not an author but buyer, do you have any suggestions for me?

Yes, please find Useful tips for buyers Here. Buyers also have several ways to earn money.

Do you have any referral program?

Yes, if you refer a new member ( no matter a buyer or a seller), you will get 30% of their first deposit, whether they buy an item or sell. Here's more info on our referral program.

I prefer to be the only buyer of a file, what should I do?

Unique License means that you actually buyout the rights and it becomes non-distributive for all the others, this work is closed for any further distribution and selling as soon as you purchase it.

How to retain the rights to my own file?

The file is yours. We just provide a platform to sell it. Note that all files are sold under license set, so you can also choose the way to sell it. Refer to Zizaza Vocabulary to find out more about licenses.

Are there any cases my payment rate can ever go down?

No, your rate will never go down, regardless of sales volume.

Can I increase the price of my work? How can I influence the evaluation process?

Yes, you can. To ensure prices consistently reflects factors such as quality, complexity, potential demand and license type Zizaza staff review all the files you've uploaded. The information about criteria and estimation process is described Here.

What does approval/evaluation process mean?

Each file goes through a reviewing (approval) process to make sure the quality is high. Our staff needs some time to estimate your files, before publishing them at Zizaza marketplace. So buyers are confident in what they purchase and choose our marketplace over those that accept lower quality files.

What is BN?

BN – is an abbreviation for our Bonus System currency. This was developed to encourage our authors, as well as buyers and provide an opportunity to by our items for free or use those points beneficially for their own purposes.

Who is responsible for any copyright violations of my files?

Every buyer signs the membership agreement, this way they prove they are agreed to our terms and conditions, which excludes any violation or any further unauthorized distribution. If you think your copyright has been violated in any way, initiate a ticket to our Support Center.

Who is responsible for authors' violation and discrepancy of files?

Every author signs the membership agreement where agrees to our Terms and Conditions, which exclude any copyright violation of any used elements in a file. It's an author responsibility to make sure he is not violating anyone's copyright by uploading his file. If he is unsure if he is allowed to use an asset within a file, he must ask the asset's owner or a lawyer. If you think the violation happened or discrepancy of files, initiate a ticket to our Support Center.

Who determines the cost of my file before being published?

All files are evaluated by Zizaza staff.

Why do I need personal profile?

Your profile may help you promote your works, as buyers prefer to see the qualification of an author. Everything depends on the information provided in your profile/portfolio, so please fill in the fields correctly and genuinely.

Why do I need any kind of ranking or awards? Does this really matter?

Yes, but it is personally up to you to decide on whether to gain some visual success or not. Note, that every buyer pay attention to the ranking, as this is a sort of criteria to choose a real professional. Moreover, you do not need to proceed any additional or special actions to receive an award, they are assigned according to your achievements.

Who is responsible for supporting my files?

Providing support is a good way to ensure repeat business from buyers, but you are not obliged to do this, it's not required unless the file is actually broken.

What is daily sale?

It is up to an author to choose the way they are going to sell their works. One of those ways is to put his work with a discount. This is how the list of daily sales is formed.

If I'm neither seller not buyer, what else can I find here?

We have several appraisal systems, and one of them implies some easy work, such as work commenting, blog posting, referrals etc. So you can find something for your needs.

How can I backup and restore the works already bought at Zizaza?

A soon as a buyer purchases something on our Zizaza Marketplace he has a constant access to any purchased item at his profile in the section "Downloads". So in case it was lost on your desktop or your personal device you can easily restore all previously bought items with only few clicks.

What is deposit and why do I need it?

The purchase process becomes simpler; with a deposit you can buy items without any problems faster and easier. All our buyers have their billing accounts accessible in their personal profiles and all the information about purchases (transactions), deposit information is open to you and accessible anytime you would need it.

What is basic ?

Basic - free account, limited with 5 downloads of any free content per day, having limited features for desk and bookmarks.

What is basic plus ?

Basic Plus- prepaid account with a limit of 25 downloads of any free content. Every Basic Plus purchase ( + 25 extra downloads) is summed up. You will also have 5 free downloads every day to download any free content. Initially 5 free downloads are debited and only then 25 pre-paid downloads are debited too. Basic plus has limited features for the desk and bookmarks.

What is premium ?

Premium - Premium account gives you unlimited access to any free content and unlimit downloads for a month or a year. You get full access to the desk and bookmarks.

What is bookmarks?

With the help of this feature our users can bookmark the templates and websites. This will help our users to find their favorite item in a few seconds, as they are automatically added to your bookmark board. Please note that this feature is different from the buying process and doesn't mean you actually own these items.

What is desk?

This feature allows our users to pin their favorite or preferable/ featured icons. This will help you to find an item easily or collect/organize items you like, as well as sort them into separate groups. Create your own group; give a name to it and drag there items you would like to organize. You are able to sort them by any criteria you like. Please note that this feature is different from the buying process and doesn't mean you actually own these items.

What is regular license?

Regular license means that this template still may be bought by other people after you do that, unlike the Unique License. As soon as you buy an item you become one of its owners, please note that all the other buyers have completely identical rights you have.

What is icon set?

This package contains icons of one release in all their sizes and formats. You pay less but get more!

What is icon pack?

Icon pack contains an icon in all its sizes and formats, for Windows and Mac devices as well.

What is customized icon pack?

Customize your icon pack, you are able to select needed sizes of an icon to buy. Purchase what you really need and save your money.

What is trends?

trends are formed by several criteria: most popular, high ranked, most viewed, most desired or requested (from tags and keywords entered by users) etc. Trends help people see popular demands, as well as web-fashion and design trends.

What is Unique(buyout) license?

You are the first and the last person to buy this product from Zizaza marketplace. An exclusive, transferrable right to make use of the Work.