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Zizaza team constantly works on improving its services, so our current Marketplace doesn’t show its real abilities yet.

We already have powerful features which assure our authors they have all the tools to make money by different means. Including:

Being an author
Selling items
Bonus system
Site visits

Also we are working hard at creation of a community not only blogs, forums, but a real social community, with an ability to create their own business groups and increase their profit level.

How this will work

A designer has strong willing to sell his work with the highest rate and he is able to gain much more by creating a group and inviting a backend designer into his own group to increase the cost (as well as his own profit) by selling an item which becomes a template already.


The creation of a social web for designers and developers is a great opportunity to develop online business on the higher level. People will create their own business groups and work together to increase their profit level. The masterpieces created together with high qualified professionals will give birth to a new era of new community, like puzzles people will find together turn outnew contacts and higher their own value on the Internet.

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IONBill (Cyprus) LTD
Anexartisias & Kyriakou Matsi, 3
Rousos Limassol Tower, 10th floor
3040, Limassol,
Tel.: +35725030576

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